Gone are the days when people had to make personal visits to insurance companies or broker offices to get Health Insurance Quotes. Practical limitations of time constraints and insufficient product knowledge make choosing the right policy a tedious process. This is followed by the boring procedure of buying and getting to understand the policy particulars in detail.

For the tech-savvy generation that wants to get things done on the go with a click of the mouse, E-Insurance is an instant hit. The entire range of insurance products, right from health, motor, travel and life cover, all can be bought online. Many big time insurance companies are offering exclusive discounts to encourage more online buyers. On the other hand insurance aggregators and brokers are also closing deals online where people get to compare and get the best deals on a range of insurance products. Making an informed decision is easier as these comparison websites, forums and online reviews give first-hand information straight from the users and experts.


Following these simple steps will help you buy insurance online easily:

Do Your Share Of Research:  When you go ahead to buy an insurance product online, the first phase of the process is research. Collect the list of insurance companies, their products, customer service, post sales service and other details that you would require to make a decision. The best way to do it is by browsing through comparison websites, forums and reviews as you can get a lot of information on the positives and negatives of the plan and the insurance provider. Never miss on crosschecking the information that you see online to avoid wrong conclusions.

Lookout For Customization:  Most online insurance policies are preset and have to be bought as they are.But, what if we need to customize the plan to suit specific requirements? Make sure that the insurance provider you are choosing has the option to add riders or to place an online customization request. Check out for providers with live chat support with whom you can chat and get your doubts cleared before jumping on to a conclusion.

Online Claim Settlement:  Your online insurance buying process does not stop when you pay and get your insurance documents. The real purpose is met only when you enjoy the facility of filing a claim online and tracking the claim real-time.There are quite a few insurance providers who are yet to grow strong in this aspect. Be vigilant in screening them if you are keen about needing the online claim settlement facility. Buying through an insurance broker can be helpful in this respect.

Backups And Proofs:  Online transactions are always tricky, and you might have to be cautious while performing the purchases. It is always advisable to keep a screenshot of the transaction page that clearly shows the amount, date and payment status of your purchase. Who wants to end up handling miscommunications or denials due to payment issues? So, a proof of successful transaction is a must have if you aim at a hassle free experience.

You can confidently buy or renew your insurance online if you know the trick of processing the information you get on the internet to your advantage. Stuck in the middle of the process? Feel free to get in touch with our experts for any queries on insurance products and services.

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